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Acquiring Serbian Citizenship by Descent

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In this article, our Serbian Colleague Associate Ana Dulovic will mention Acquiring Serbian Citizenship.

Acquiring Serbian Citizenship


 According to Law on the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia can be acquired by origin, by admission, as well as in accordance with international treaties. Duration of the process varies depending on each individual case, however, usually, it takes around a year to complete the whole process.


Acquiring Serbian Citizenship by origin is acquired by a child:

  1. Whose both parents, at his birth, are citizens of the Republic of Serbia;·
  2. Whose one parent, at his birth, is the citizen of the Republic of Serbia and the child is born in the territory of the Republic of Serbia;·        
  3. Born in the territory of another state member, whose one parent, at the moment of child’s birth is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia
  4. and another one is either a foreign citizen or of unknown citizenship or without citizenship.


Foreigner with a permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia can be admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia if:

  1. He is 18 years old and not deprived of working capacity;·        
  2. He is released from foreign citizenship or he submits the evidence that he will be granted the dismissal if admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia;·        
  3. That until submitting of application for at least three years, he has had an uninterrupted residence in the territory of the Republic of Serbia·        
  4. He submits a written statement that he considers the Republic of Serbia his state.
Applications for the acquisition of the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia are decided upon by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the Law on the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.

Advantages of Serbian Citizenship 

In the case of gaining Serbian Citizenship, it continues a lifetime and covers wife, child, and parent.

  1. EU Schengen Region Visa Free 90 Days in any 180 day period
  2. Russia, China 30 Days Visa-free
  3.  Hong Kong 14 Days Visa Free
  4. Serbian Passport lets you travel to 128 countries/territories without a prior visa.
  5. Potential European Union Member
  6. Big Foreign Direct Investments
  7. Competitive Government Subsidies
  8. The possibility of Dual Citizenship (Some conditions)

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It is very important to proceed application with professionals. In case of any refusal may cause loss of the rights. 
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