Head of Gurcan International

Bedrettin Gürcan

img Bedrettin Gürcan is a blockchain legal expert and founding partner of Gurcan Partners, which is an international law and consultancy firm located in Warsaw, Prague, İstanbul, Düsseldorf, Budapest, NYC, Tallinn, Belgrade, Dubai and Singapore.

Bedrettin Gürcan is a proficient specialist in facilitating the transfer of multinational corporations from one jurisdiction to another, with expertise in both legal and tax aspects.

He is a lawyer and entrepreneur now involved in the development of legal technology. Bedrettin Gürcan is a member of both the İstanbul Bar and the Budapest Bar (as a Foreign Legal Advisor). He is proficient in English and is also fluent in Italian, Turkish, and Hungarian. His primary areas of expertise are  International Corporate Law, Real Estate Law and IT Law.

He completed his International Relations Master from Budapest Business School and proceed his LLM (Private Law Master) at İstanbul University. He completed and submitted his academic thesis on The Legal Framework of the Cryptocurrencies and ICOs in 2018.

He continues his Ph.D. research on the legal framework of blockchain technology and artificial intellegince in Hungary.

He is a writer on blockchain field.

He is an active entrepreneur. He is the founder of Hukuk Deposu (First AI lawyer in Turkey), Blockchain Law Lab (International Consultancy Firm, focus on the legal framework of Blockchain Tech) and LawInOnline and investor of HousePeak.

He has a strong academic background and researchers.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.


Academic Conferences:

  1. Blockchain International Science Conference, Edinburgh Napier University, 11th March 2020, Presented Topic ” Blockchain and International Jurisdiction”
  2. ICBEMM, University of Oxford, 2-4th March 2020 Presented Topic ” Jurisdiction of Blockchain”
  3. Legal Revolution, Kap Europe, 4th-5th December 2019 Presented Topic ” Blockchain”
  4. IV. WIPS, Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights, University of Szeged, 10th May 2019, Presented Topic ” Blockchain and IP Law”
  5. Conference on Comparative Law Methodology, University of Szeged, 13rd Decemer 2019,
  6. Workshop, Innovativ Tarsadalom, University of Szeged:

and other academic conferences:

3rd It/IP Colloquium 15th-16th May of 2024 University of Szeged Faculty of Law ” The Ownership Rights of the AI and Potential Legal Disputes”

Turkcell Lexathon 24th October 2023, ”Using Blockchain Technology for Legal Procedures”

European Data Protection Day, 28th January 2021, Ozyegin University, Turkey, Topic: Blockchain ve Veri Güvenliği (Data Protection and Blockchain)

Europe on a New Route: Legal and Social Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Brexit,  University of Szeged 7th  May 2021 Presented Topic: Implementation of Blockchain Technology during Covid Era.

Third Annual IRSI IDSA Szeged on International Affairs,  19TH February 2021, IDSA Szeged, Topic: Implementation of blockchain technology to international trade.

LegalTech in the Era of Covid-19 Conference, 3rd December 2020 Szeged, Topic: Blockchain and International Payment Mediation through Smart Contracts in Trade

The Conference of World of Cyrptoassets from Legal and Economic Perspectives, 19th March 2021, University of Pecs,

Topic: Blockchain and Mediation

Cofala International Conference,  23rd April, Masaryk University,Faculty of Law Brno Czech Republic Topic: Using Smart Contracts for Online Dispute Resolution Blockchain and Private Arbitration ”

Blockchain International Scientific Conference ISC 2021, 15th March 2021, organized by The British Blockchain Association, Topic: ‘Implementation of Blockchain Technology to the International Trade and Custom Regulations”

Annual Conference on the Intersection of Corporate Law and Technology,June 2021 organized by Nottingham Trent University, Law School in the UK. ”The Use of Blockchain Technology through Online Arbitration and Mediation”.