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Germany Worker Visa – Schengen

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In this article, we will cover all you need to know before applying for Worker Visa in Germany. What are the conditions and necessary documents to apply for a long-term Schengen visa for employment purposes?

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Schengen Visa Application Process

When applying for a Schengen Visa to travel to multiple Schengen Area countries, there are certain conditions that the person must do before applying. If you plan to travel to more than one Schengen country, it is best to contact the Embassy /Consulate of the country where you will stay the most in terms of accommodation days. After obtaining multiple entry visas, you will be able to travel to all Schengen Area countries for the period permitted on the visa.

When applying for a visa, you should remember that when you make an appointment at the embassy/consulate, you must hand-deliver the necessary documents. It is recommended that you always make the appointment at least 15 days before your departure, as this is the estimated time required for the bureaucratic process to take part in the relevant institution.

Each Schengen country shares roughly the same conditions for issuing visas to the party that wants it. Depending on the consulate/embassy, there are small differences in the required documents, as well as the main authentication documents and your current economic situation.

What Is The Best Type Of Schengen Visa For Employees?

Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)

A Uniform Schengen Visa represents a permit to pass or stay in the desired area for a maximum of 90 days every six months starting from the date of entry of one of the Member States of the Schengen Area.

The countries where a person can travel after obtaining a Uniform Schengen Visa are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

The Uniform Schengen Visa applies to both categories “A” and “C” for the purpose of travel.

  • Category “A” represents the Airport Transit Visa, which allows the owner to travel from the Schengen Country Airport international zone without entering the Schengen Country Zone. An airport transit visa is mandatory for citizens traveling from a non-Schengen country to another non-Schengen country via a connecting flight from Schengen Country Airport.
  • Category “C” represents a Short-Term visa that allows the holder to reside in a Schengen Area (Schengen Area) for a certain period, depending on the validity of the visa. This category can be obtained according to the visa holder’s travel purposes in the following ways:
  1. A single-entry visa allows the holder to enter a Schengen country (Schengen Area) only once for a certain period. After you leave the Schengen Area you enter, the visa expires even if the permitted period for staying in the Schengen Area has not yet expired.
  2. A dual-entry visa follows the same policy as above, but you are allowed to enter the Schengen Area twice, meaning you can enter the Schengen Area for as long as your visa allows, exit it and re-enter without any problems. The second time you leave that country, the visa expires.
  3. A multiple entry visa allows the owner to enter and exit the Schengen Area as he wishes. However, this visa allows the holder to stay for a maximum of 90 days every six months, starting from the day it crosses the border between a Schengen member state and a non-Schengen member state in the Schengen Area.

D-Type Visa Germany: Visa For Long-Term Stays

If you are planning a long-term stay or taking up work, then you must apply for the D visa for Germany. The D visa is also referred to as a national visa and makes it possible to stay in Germany for more than 90 days. The German national visa is therefore suitable for study visits, taking up work.

Applying For Schengen Worker Visa I Step By Step

  • A confirmation letter explaining the purpose of the visit to the Schengen country
  • A brief profile of the applicant’s workplace (company/organization)
  • Memorandum and Company Agreement (registered with joint-stock companies)/ Business License (first issued and current renewal)/ Personal Company/Partnership documents, with an approved copy of the original.
  • Current bank statements
  • A letter from the employer carefully explaining the purpose of the trip, as well as the flight itinerary for the days spent in the Schengen area.
  • An invitation letter was faxed from the partner company in the Schengen area, as well as to the relevant consulate. This letter should serve as an invitation to attend meetings or other business-related events.
  • Regarding the applicant’s expenses, it should be stated that both parties will cover the travel costs during the applicant’s stay in the Schengen Area, either in the employer’s letter or at the invitation of the partner company.
  • Airfare reservations
  • If there have been prior commercial relations between the two companies, proof of such activity
  • Proof of accommodation for your stay in the Schengen area.

Foreign Workers For Assembly And Disassembly In Germany

For foreign workers to be sent to Germany at short notice for assembly or dismantling work, certain conditions must be met.

Is There An Obligation To Notify the BA?

Foreign workers who come to Germany for assembly and dismantling work are required to report to the Federal Employment Agency (BA). This means that as an employer, you must coordinate your employment with the BA in advance.

To do this, the following requirements must be met:

  • The plant, machine, or computer program was purchased or leased abroad.
  • For the installation, specialists of the foreign manufacturing company are required.
  • The workforce is only in Germany for a short time, which means a maximum of 90 days per worker in 12 months.
  • The employer has reported the posting to the BA before the workers have started their work.

So far we have assisted over 400 companies. Check out our experiences.

What Are The Required Documents To Notify the BA?

You need the following documents for the notification to the BA:

  • Form Display of the assembly / dismantling of mechanical systems / COMPUTER programs
  • Purchase and delivery contract of the plant, machine, or computer program
  • Informal description of the plant, machine, or computer program
  •  Informal job description of employees
  •  Passport copies of employees

Which Type of Visa Do I Need?

A work visa is issued in the form of an EU Blue Card work visa and a normal work visa. For stays of less than ninety days, you must obtain a schengen visa and request a German National Visa (residence permit) for longer stays. If the German working period does not exceed 90 days, 1 Schengen visa and 2 german-language full-time visa application forms are required for the national visa if the working time is more than 90 days.

Documents Required for Work Permit in Germany

Article 54 of the Residency Act states that the according to the article, the application petition signed by the applicant’s handwriting
2 passport photos
Resumes, report cards, diplomas, employment contracts, etc. explaining professional development (with German languages)
Concrete job offer with the following information (example: employment contract)

  • Employer in Germany (name, address)
  • Workplace in Germany (postcode)
  • Job posting and job description
  • work: Full-time or part-time
  • Annual gross salary in euros

What should I do if the dispatch lasts more than 90 days?

Under certain conditions, a dispatch of up to 3 years is possible. Among other things, wages play a role here: they must be comparable to those of German employees.
Please contact the responsible diplomatic mission abroad or, in the case of visa-free entry, the competent immigration authority.


How Much Does The Schengen Visa Application Cost?

Every person applying for a Schengen visa has a mandatory non-refundable visa fee. Schengen visa costs may vary depending on the type of visa, the age of the applicant, as well as some other exceptions set out below in this text. The Schengen visa fee can be paid in cash at the relevant consulate/embassy, debit, or credit card. However, some consulates may not allow you to pay by credit card.
The visa fee and service fee, which can be paid at the relevant embassy/consulate when applying, are included in the Schengen visa. Again, if the visa is denied, no refund will be given.

For employees:
Short-term Schengen visa: 80.00 EUR (less than 90 days)


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