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Investment in Poland

By 25 April 2022October 31st, 2022No Comments

Looking for reasons to invest in Poland? In this article, you will discover the benefits of the Polish market, the most attractive sectors for investment, and where to start.

Why Poland?

Poland is one of 10 European countries with the biggest number of foreign investments. Poland was the 6th in terms of financial stability and venture engaging quality within the list of the nations which are worth investing in, arranged last year by U.S. News & World Report. This country is closely associated with greater and greater interest in ventures all over Central and Eastern Europe. Taking under consideration all coordinate ventures in Europe, the central and eastern locale pulled in as numerous as 31% of them, i.e. more than Germany, France, Spain, and Belgium together.

What are the benefits of investing in Poland?

Poland features a strong economy that weathered the European Majestic Obligation Emergency and proceeds to post solid development rates. Agreeing to financial specialist agreement gauges, the country’s GDP development is anticipated to proceed, though at a slower pace. The World Bank states that the Clean economy is well-diversified and, compared to other European economies, was among the slightest influenced by the COVID-19 widespread. Be that as it may, the economy did contract amid the pandemic—to begin with since 1991. Poland’s controllers have been working to liberalize the country’s economy and change numerous open segments. The labor advertisement has fixed in later a long time, the middle wage is on the rise, and the destitution level is decreasing. International speculators within the Eurozone must fight the common currency’s impact on overvaluing and bond execution. Be that as it may, Poland’s autonomous money has made a difference in climate emergencies and success.

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Which sectors are worth paying attention to?

Poland is a start-up pioneer and leading exporter of video games in Europe
Poland has become an imperative European innovative ecosystem after coming to record levels of speculation and development in later a long time. In 2019, speculations in Polish start-ups expanded eightfold year on year and come to 294 million Euros. That’s more than the entire sum accomplished for the nine a long time earlier.
Poland has moreover gotten to be a leading exporter of video diversions. The game created by CD Projekt got to be a huge universal hit, it was made on the premise of an arrangement of top-of-the-line Clean books, which were too the motivation for the Netflix arrangement by the same title.


Biotechnology and medical industries
The Polish biotechnology showcase is still generally youthful. As it were when the insights for 2020 got to be accessible will we know in case the shock caused by the widespread has been interpreted into difficult information? Right now on the most showcase Poland has almost 30 companies working within the wellbeing segment (16 of which deliver medications and lock in entirely in biotechnology). Their add-up to capitalization surpasses PLN 31 billion. Eminently, Polish biotechnology companies are as it were fair picking up speed and are well worth paying consideration to. Their inquiry about getting to the last-mentioned stages of endorsement forms and in numerous cases concerns forward-looking ranges such as oncology.


Renewable energy
Renewable Energy Sources are too drawing in an expanding number of outside speculators and the keeping money division in Poland. The numbers behind this boom seem promising. Concurring to the Polish Venture and Exchange Office, within the to begin with four months of 2020, Poland was one of as it were five nations that did not see a drop within the sums contributed in this division with 16 unused RES ventures enlisted here between January and April. This constitutes a tremendous enhancement compared to the same period in 2019 when there was as it were one. At the conclusion of Q2 2020, agreeing to information from the Energy Regulatory Office, the capacity of introduced RES within the Clean framework surpassed 9,474 MW. By comparison, it was as it were 6,970 MW five a long time prior.


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The Polish Investment and Trade Agency

The Polish Investment and Trade Office (PAIH) underpins both the remote extension of Clean commerce and the influx of FDI into Poland. We too point to boosting Polish sends out. By supporting business people, the Organization helps in overcoming authoritative and lawful strategies, related to particular ventures as well as making a difference to create legitimate arrangements, discover an appropriate area, and dependable accomplices and providers.

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