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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is a branch of law created to protect ideas with monetary value. All kinds of ideas, inventions, designs can be the subject of intellectual property law. And often these ideas need to be protected.

Intellectual property law is divided into two parts as copyright and industrial property rights. In order to protect industrial property rights, the relevant invention must be registered. Registration is required for patent and branding. While it is more advantageous to make these registrations with the help of an experienced lawyer, the most effective way to fight against subsequent rights violations is to fight with the help of a lawyer specialized in intellectual property law.

Gurcan Partners provides legal services on Intellectual Property Law with its office in 9 countries and its lawyers who are experts in their fields.

  1. Intellectual Property Law in Germany
  2. Intellectual Property Law in Hungary
  3. Intellectual Property Law in the Czech Republic
  4. Intellectual Property Law in Poland
  5. Intellectual Property Law in Serbia
  6. Intellectual Property Law in Turkey
  7. Intellectual Property Law in Kuwait
  8. Intellectual Property Lawin Estonia
  9. Intellectual Property Law in the United States

Check our professional team, We are staffed with American, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Serbian, German, Arab, Malay, and Estonian lawyers which enable us to handle both regional and multinational deals of all scales in 9 countries.

Our Services

  1. Brand Registration
  2. Copyright
  3. Copyright Problem Solutions
  4. Commercial Secret
  5. Digital Media and Content
  6. Design Protection
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