You can find the frequently asked questions about purchase property in Hungary for foreigners below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchase Property in Hungary

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There is no restriction on buyers who are European Union citizens.

However, Non-Eu Member’s Citizens must obtain a permit. Our team will assist you to obtain permit easily.

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For acquiring the permit, first step singing contract, and then lawyers can handle the rest of the permit process. For more information, you can consult our article Buying Property in Hungary.

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Thanks to our real estate experts, we can help you find the home of your dreams. Gurcan Consultancy provides the best investment opportunities in Hungary.

Our company also provides regular accounting services with the company, residence/work permit procedures, licenses, legal dispute solutions with our licensed consultancy firm Gurcan Consultancy.

Please contact us

To provide detailed information about real estate procedures in Hungary please consult us.

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There is no restriction on home or any real estate buyers who are European Union citizens. However, Non-Eu Member’s Citizens must obtain a permit.

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Real Estate purchase does not give automatically the right to residency. However, our expert immigration lawyer provides you residency consultation with the combination with your investment.

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After finding the real estate that you want to purchase, there are several steps. You need a purchase agreement countersigned by a lawyer. After the agreement, you have to get registered and pay the required taxes. Our team will assist you during the all process.

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There are 7 steps for property purchase in Hungary:

  1. Choose the property
  2. Deal with the seller
  3. We consult about the details and make a draft agreement
  4. Sign the contract and pay
  5. Turn the contract into the land registry
  6. Acquire the ownership by getting registered
  7. Pay taxes and other fees
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The cost of house purchase depends on many factors such as the city, the wide and the width of the house.  Aside from the house’s price, there are several expenses that you have to pay. Our team will inform you regarding to detailed expenses

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Aside from the real estate’s own expense, you have to pay; registration fee (6.600 Ft), property acquisition duty (4% of the price of the property), property tax (depends on where you buy the property).

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The hard part is to find your dream house. After that, our team assists you in all steps of purchase process.

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According to Hungarian Law,  property purchases shall be concluded through a purchase agreement countersigned by a lawyer.

It is important that in Hungary you must have a lawyer to buy real estate so when you found the one you want to buy then comes the part where we can help you and provide complete legal assistance from drafting the contract to the possession of the property. With our legal assistance, everything is easy.

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  1. Lowest corporate tax in Europe,
  2. Quite a central location,
  3. Advance currency for the investments by Euro or US Dollar,
  4. Full EU Membership and Schengen Zone

are the leading advantages of Hungary.

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Income tax in Hungary is %15.

Gurcan Consultancy provides international tax consultancy and optimization services. Please contact us.

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Establishing a company does not give the right to residency automatically. There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in Hungary.

Our expert immigration lawyer provides assistance for the residency process in Hungary. Please contact us.

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Our team can handle the purchase process with the power of attorney.


Check our professional team, We are staffed with American, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Serbian, German, Arab, Malay, and Estonian lawyers which enable us to handle both regional and multinational deals of all scales in 9 countries

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Together with our subsidiary company Gurcan Invest, we provide consultancy to those who want to buy a property and invest in real estate in Hungary at affordable prices.

We handle all legal transactions on your behalf. You can choose from legally controlled real estates suitable for foreigners to purchase from the link below.

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