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Company Formation in Technoparks in Turkey

By 5 September 2022October 31st, 2022No Comments

In this article we will explain the situation of technoparks in Turkey, we will give examples, and mention the advantages and the process of opening a business for an entrepreneur.

Technoparks in Turkey are shaped with the cooperation of universities, industry, state, and nearby governments. Technoparks are as a rule found in or close to a university that has completed its improvement and contains a solid and effective computer network.
Technoparks in Turkey ought to not be seen as employment institutions. It underpins the increment in work openings, but care is taken to guarantee that business people have adequate specialized and authoritative potential. Technoparks should be geographically near the industrial zones and have reliable transportation and communication offices. Administration ought to have the standards of unbiased and free working towards entrepreneurs.

There are 2 sorts of capital within the establishment and operation of technoparks. The primary is the foundation capital and the moment is the wander capital. The salary of the stop comprises of the rents paid by the business visionaries, the deal of the obvious rights and the association share in the event that the company of the business visionary taking off the park is partnered.

Situation and examples of Technopark in Turkey

Endeavours in the establishment of technoparks in Turkey date back to the 1980s. As a result, in the 1990s, inside the collaboration system of KOSGEB and the colleges, TEKMERs (Innovation Centers) were established. The legitimate system with respect to the technoparks was drained in 2001 with Law No. 4691. Law No. 4691 alludes to the concept of “Innovation Advancement Zones” rather than technopark. As of the conclusion of February 2022, 92 innovation advancement zones were announced with the Committee of Priests Choice. Of these 92 technoparks, 76 are active and 16 are under development.

The number of companies doing R&D within the dynamic technoparks has come to 7.580 and 45% of these companies are included in software development and ICT and 7% in the designing sector. Besides, numerous companies included in medical, energy, chemistry, food, defense, car and agribusiness segments are effectively doing R&D in these technoparks.

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– İzmir Technopark A.Ş (İTAŞ)
– ITU-KOSGEB Technology Development Center
– ODTÜ-KOSGEB Technology Development Center
– TÜBİTAK-MAM Technopark

Advantages of opening a business for an entrepreneur in Technopark in Turkey

Technoparks have been controlled by the Technology Development Zones Law which has entered into constrain in 2001. This law has been providing financial incentives to the ventures built up in these zones. Appropriately, the endeavors may make their ventures for fabricating of items which they infer from their R&D exercises in these zones beneath certain conditions. Additionally, there are wage, stamp and corporate assess exclusions for the ventures which are found and work in these zones and assess exclusions for pay rates of R&D personnal working in these zones. These incentives have been expanded to 2023.

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How to start a company in Technopark in Turkey?

The technopark application venture ought to be made into a venture record that’s in agreement with the important technopark’s extend application direct. The extend record ought to contain the degree of the exercises of the venture, the individuals who are working within the extend and their positions, the greatness of the esteem that the extend includes, and the plans of participation with the colleges and inquiries about centres ought to be communicated clearly. In expansion to the extend record, a few official archives (exchange registry number, authorized signatory list, etc.) are demanded.

After the venture file is completed, the authors must pay the “technopark application fee” that’s decided by the technopark administration. After the charge is paid the originators must apply to the technopark organization. In this stage, the administration’s commission assesses the R&D qualification of the company’s hones. Within the occasion of endorsement by the organization, the originators are informed and after this stage, the company can lease an Office at the technopark and build up itself as a company.

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