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Immigration Law

With the globalizing world, many people want to go abroad and gain different experiences. In order to live abroad, you need certain permissions regardless of your purpose to go abroad: work, education, family reunification, experience, etc.

There are lots of residence permits and visa types. The ease of obtaining these documents varies from country to country, and some countries may provide some facilities and support for certain types of people.

It is best to seek advice from a lawyer specializing in immigration law when deciding which document is the most advantageous for you and what kind of application is required.

Gurcan Partners provides legal services in immigration law with its offices in 9 countries and lawyers who are experts in their fields.


  1. Immigration Law in Germany
  2. Immigration Law in Hungary
  3. Immigration Law in the Czech Republic
  4. Immigration Law in in Poland
  5. Immigration Law in in Serbia
  6. Immigration Law in Turkey
  7. Immigration Law in Kuwait
  8. Immigration Law in Estonia
  9. Immigration Law  in the United States

Check out our team, we are staffed with American, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Serbian, German, Arab, Malay, and Estonian lawyers which enables us to handle both regional and multinational deals of all scales in 9 countries

Our Services

  1. Work Permit Applications
  2. Transfer of Work Force
  3. International Residency Consutation
  4. Residency Applications
  5. Investor Visas
  6. EU Blue Card Consultation

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