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How does Trademark Registration work?

1. Comprehensive international trademark search

With a trademark search, you can ensure that your EU trademark does not conflict with other trademarks before filing – and thus prevent competitors from filing oppositions against your trademark application or claiming damages from you for infringement of trademark rights.

2. Application

You can apply online and in all official languages of the EU. In addition to information on the individual or company, it must contain a description or illustration of the EU trademark as well as all goods and services.

3. Examination Phase

EUIPO asks you to pay the application fees. Only after payment of the official fees does the Office check the trademark for possible grounds for refusal. If the EUIPO finds grounds for refusal around the trademark registration, you will receive official notification and have 2 months to correct any errors.

4. Publication

EUIPO asks you to pay the application fees. Only after payment of the official fees does the Office check the trademark for possible grounds for refusal. If the EUIPO finds grounds for refusal around the trademark registration, you will receive official notification and have 2 months to correct any errors.

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Who can apply for an EU trademark?

  • In principle, any person but also companies may register an EU trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) who has a place of business or residence in a member country of the EU. Anyone who does not live in a member country of the EU must also appoint a legal representative in the EU.

Do I need an EU trademark or is a local trademark sufficient?

  • If you want to expand your business throughout Europe, it is worthwhile to apply for an EU trademark – if it has a chance of success. The all-or-nothing principle applies: The European trademark must not fail or be unprotectable in any EU country due to older trademark rights. If, for example, your slogan or logo can be translated into a descriptive adjective in the local language of an EU country, the trademark may violate absolute grounds for refusal. The EUIPO can then refuse registration of the EU trademark with the corresponding effect for the entire EU.

What rights do I have with an EU trademark?

  • A registered EU trademark gives you the exclusive right of use. If someone uses your European trademark for commercial purposes without permission or applies for an identical or similar trademark, the following options are available to you in the event of such a trademark infringement: Opposition to reapplication, cease-and-desist letter, legal action..

We have trademark registration services at these locations

Germany Almanya Düsseldorf

Address: Goethestr. 30 40237 Düsseldorf/Germany

Phone: +49 211 976 35 818

A German basic mark with the option of extending its protection through international registration offers the benefit of being precisely designed and extended to the countries in which you are active or intend to become active.

Czech Republic Prague

Address: Stroupežnického 2324/26
Prague 5 150 00 Prague/ Czech Republic

Phone: +420 2 347 17 540

A trademark in the Czech Republic can be registered in three ways:

1. By national procedure;

2. A single EU trademark application is submitted following regional protocol.

3. According to the international convention

Hungary Budapest

Address: Polna Corner, 3A Warynskiego Street, 5-6th Floor,
Warsaw/ Poland

Phone: +48 22 153 03 60

In Hungary to obtain trademark protection, one can register either locally via the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, or regionally by filing a European Union Trademarks which grants protection in the whole European Union. Hungary is also a member state to the Madrid Protocol on the International registration of Trade Marks.

Trend mark protection is For 10 years beginning on the filing date of the application, whichmay be extended through further periods of 10 years on the registered owner’s request.

Poland Warsaw

Address: Polna Corner, 3A Warynskiego Street,
Warsaw/ Poland

Phone: +48 22 153 03 60

The benefits are:

1. Legal presumption;

2. The exclusive right to use the mark in Poland against any party, enabling trademark owners to take action against infringers by way of various procedures (ie, civil, criminal, and custom);

3. Legal security and increased value for the owner

Serbia Belgrade

Address: 30 Kneza Mihaila Blvd , 11000, Belgrade

Email: [email protected]

Trademark registration in Serbia provides several benefits, including exclusive use rights, complete protection against any infringements or lawsuits, and confidence in future collaborators and clients who choose your activities, services, and products.

Turkey Istanbul

Kanyon Tower
D Office Building
Buyukdere Avenue. No. 185, 34394
Phone:+90 850 466 42 60

Decree-Law No. 556 of 1995 protects trademarks owned by natural or legal persons in Turkey. Intellectual property rights are held by both individuals who live in Turkey or have a corporation incorporated here, as well as entities that benefit from rights under the Paris or Bern Conventions. Natural persons or corporations incorporated in other countries that protect Turkish citizens are also beneficiaries of these rights.

Estonia Estonya Talinn

Pärnu Mnt 12, 10148, Tallinn / Estonia

+372 60 26 570

A patent application for the registration of a trademark in Estonian must be submitted to the Estonian Patent Office in order to gain legal protection in Estonia. The application can be submitted electronically through the Estonian Patent Office e-services, or by filling out an application form for trademark registration, which can then be printed and delivered or mailed to the Estonian Patent Office, Toompuiestee 7, 15041 Tallinn.
When registering numerous trademarks, separate applications must be submitted for each mark. To properly register, a suitable application and any needed support documents, as well as the state fee must be submitted.


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