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Start Your Business in Serbia

By 27 January 2022October 31st, 20222 Comments

In this article, our Serbian Colleague Associate Ana Dulovic will mention the start-up ecosystem and Company Formation in Serbia.


 Company Formation in Serbia


Wondering about company formation in Serbia? Here are insights into the entrepreneurial scene that will help you get your business cracking!

In Serbia, the startup community has been rapidly rising, and this growth has not been restricted only to its capital, Belgrade. The increasing number of businesses are taking off throughout the country, including Nis, Novi Sad, and Kragujevac.

It goes without saying that, prior to getting your business going in Serbia, in order to avoid pitfalls any business might encounter, one must consult with professionals familiar with a relevant legal framework and necessary procedures.

At this point, Serbia is not a member state of the European Union yet, but it’s on a steady way to becoming one. Therefore, Serbia is constantly harmonizing legislation with the EU Law and European standards. The establishment, organization, and registration of companies and other forms of legal entities in Serbia are governed by the Law on Companies (“Official Gazette of the RS” no. 36/11, 99/11,83/2014 and other laws-5/2015).


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Company Formation in Serbia 

Company Forms in Serbia

First, the Company needs to acquire legal personality by registering in accordance with the Law on Procedure of Registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, in other words, company formation. 

So far we have assisted over 400 companies. Check out our experiences.

There are four types of legal forms of companies in Serbia:

  1. General partnership (o.d.),
  2. Limited partnership (k.d.),
  3. Limited Liability (doo) 
  4. Joint–Stock Company (a.d.). 

Moreover, according to Law on Companies, an entrepreneur is also recognized as a legal entity and is defined as an economically active individual who performs activities in order to generate income and is registered in conformity with the law. As such, an entrepreneur is liable for the entirety of his/her assets for the obligations incurred during the performance of his/her activities.

If you have an idea you believe in and enthusiasm that will propel you to the top, before preparations and research go a long way in making your project bulletproof. After all, don’t hesitate to have us help you measure twice so that you may cut only once!


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Gurcan Partners is ready to help you during the all process of the Company Formation in the Serbia and Tax Advising and Accounting. Please contact us.

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