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Construction Project Management

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In this article, a project management consultant from Gurcan Consultancy, Abidin Aldoğan MBA will mention International Construction Project Management.


International Construction Project Management

Project Management


Project management is a methodological process that is applied to achieve the targets set within a certain budget within a certain period of time. This process is done under three constraints such as result, budget and time. Creativity requires innovation. Gathering information requires project creation, implementation, monitoring, and working with other organizations and individuals. Planning and organization can continue for months according to routine work.

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Project management is very important for a project to be successful. This consists of a complex of various management areas listed here below.

These areas are;

  1. Integration Management, processes that ensure coordination of Project elements are defined. Project planning, plan execution, change control methods are applied.
  2. Scope Management, Scope definition, scope planning, scope verification, scope change control methods are applied.
  3. Time Management, processes that will ensure the completion of the Project on time is defined. It consists of the definition of jobs, time estimates, development, and control of timelines.
  4. Cost Management, the approved budget of the project and the processes to complete the project are defined. Cost planning, cost estimation, budget and cost control methods are applied.
  5. Quality Management, processes that will meet the needs of the project are defined. Quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control methods are applied.
  6. Human Resources Management, processes for more effective use of the project-related workforce are defined. Organizational planning, staffing, team building methods are applied.
  7. Communication Management defines the processes of producing, compiling, distributing, storing and organizing Project information in a timely and appropriate manner. Communication planning, information distribution, performance reporting methods are applied
  8. Processes for risk management, determination, analysis of project risks and implementation of solutions are defined. Risk identification, risk determination, risk planning, and risk mitigation control methods are applied.
  9. Procurement Management, processes of importing products and services required for the project are defined. Planning of purchasing consists of demand planning, company selection, contract management and signing of the contract.


Project Manager

Responsible for running the project, with the highest possible productivity, lowest uncertainty and risk, assigned to manage the project. It establishes the project team and ensures the implementation and finalization of the project. It establishes the team and determines which qualifications they will consist of, determines their duties and responsibilities, ensures that the team has access to the necessary resources and receives the necessary training, and ensures that they fulfill their duties related to the project.

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Construction Project Management Triangle


TIME    Δ     COST


Evaluation Meetings

  1. It is done at certain stages of the project to review the progress of the project and take the required measures to ensure that the project objectives are not ignored.
  2. All key personnel related to the project come together.
  3. The project is handled from a broad perspective.
  4. Changes or sanctions may be required in the project.


Points to be Considered in Construction Project Management

First of all, the project, which is the basis for project management, should be examined in detail. Design, bill of quantities and work schedule should be studied carefully.

In addition to that, by planning a workforce, the number of white-collar and blue-collar personnel should be determined. Subcontractors should be prepared prior to the project starting. Planning of teams, equipment, materials, and workers from abroad should be made in advance to avoid possible delays in the work schedule. The necessary HSE team should be adapted for work safety. The regular progress report should be prepared and send to the top management.


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International Construction Project Management

Abidin Aldoğan MBA I Business Management Consultant

Gurcan Consultancy International

@: [email protected]

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