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July Insights

July Insights I Gurcan Partners International

As July unfolds, we are excited to present our latest newsletter, brimming with valuable insights and updates to fuel your journey towards success. Our expert team stands ready to help you navigate regulatory changes and enhance your operations for sustainable growth. For personalized assistance tailored to your unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. With our presence across 10 countries and fluency in 13 languages, our website offers a wealth of information on how we can best support you.

Spotlight on Events: Europe in July

This month, we’re thrilled to highlight the dynamic exhibitions and fairs happening in Germany. These events are a testament to the vibrant landscapes of innovation and opportunity in these regions, offering unparalleled networking and business development opportunities. Stay tuned to our newsletter for more details on these exciting events and learn how to make the most of your presence in these thriving markets.

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1. Check out the exhibition and fair programs in July:

Exhibition and fair programs in Germany

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Latest Legal News From Hungary

The Hungarian government has decided to extend the reduced VAT rate applicable to new homes.

On May 4, 2024, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga announced that the government would extend the preferential VAT regime for new homes for another two years.

Latest Legal News From Turkey

The Turkish Parliament Has Approved a New Bill Regulating Crypto Assets.

The Turkish Parliament has passed a long-awaited bill on cryptocurrencies, now officially part of the Capital Markets Law. Under the new regulations, crypto asset service providers must obtain permission from the Capital Markets Board (SPK) before establishment and operation. The SPK will oversee the ecosystem, with technical criteria set by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBITAK) for information systems and infrastructure. The law introduces definitions for terms like “crypto asset” and mandates licensing for platforms operating in Türkiye. Non-compliance could result in imprisonment and fines. Existing providers must apply to the SPK within a month or cease operations. This move aims to enhance transparency and trust in Türkiye’s crypto market, one of the world’s largest.

Latest Legal News From Germany

Germany Has Introduced a New Law Aimed at Digitalizing Mass Proceedings.

The German Ministry of Justice has introduced a draft law to digitize civil court proceedings, allowing citizens to file low-value lawsuits online. The law proposes creating “real-world laboratories” at selected courts to test nationwide digital platforms for handling mass actions efficiently. It aims to streamline court processes through digital tools and standardized procedures. The initiative, which includes the possibility of extending video hearings and simplifying evidence gathering, aims to enhance accessibility and efficiency in the justice system. Public feedback on the draft can be submitted until July 12, 2024.

Latest Legal News From Serbia

Serbia’s Adoption of “Open Banking” and Its Membership In The Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).

The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has drafted amendments to the Law on Payment Services and has invited experts and interested parties to provide feedback and comments through a public consultation period ending on June 27, 2024.

These issues, particularly those concerning neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, have been focal points for nationalist discourse in Serbia since the breakup of Yugoslavia and the subsequent conflicts in the 1990s.

Latest Legal News From Poland

Proposed Amendments to Real Estate Tax Legislation Are Set to Introduce Substantial Changes for Businesses Starting in 2025.

The Ministry of Finance published a draft law on June 17, 2024, proposing amendments to Polish real estate tax (RET) regulations. The amendments aim to align the RET laws with recent Constitutional Tribunal rulings (references SK 14/21 and SK 23/19), which deemed the existing regulations unconstitutional and slated them for repeal starting from January 1, 2025. These proposed changes are expected to have a substantial impact on the tax burden for entities across various business sectors.

Latest Legal News From The Czech Republic

Updates to the Employment Act: Summary of New Provisions Effective from July 2024

Effective July 1, 2024, the Czech Republic has introduced amendments aimed at simplifying procedures for employers posting workers from other EU countries. Key changes include:

1. Electronic reporting: Employers must now report the posting of foreign employees to the State Labour Inspection Office electronically, eliminating the need for paper contracts at the workplace.

2. Notification requirements: Information regarding the start and termination of a foreigner’s employment must be sent as a data message to a designated data box or ministry system, with non-compliant formats disregarded.

3. Expanded labor market access: Citizens from countries like Australia, Japan, Canada, and others listed in a government decree no longer require specific work permits for employment in the Czech Republic. However, they must still obtain residence permits through standard procedures.

4. Removal of labor market tests: The amendment eliminates the general requirement for a labor market test for employment cards, allowing foreigners to apply immediately after a vacancy is registered, unless high unemployment conditions require such testing.

These changes aim to streamline processes and enhance flexibility in the employment of foreign nationals within the Czech Republic.

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